Zembra biorefining for creative products

Zembra is finding new uses for abundant biomass from the UK and Europe. The company applies creative biorefining technology to transform unwanted plant material into a diverse range of products. In one example Zembra is exploiting olive mill waste – the leftover dried biomass following extraction of olive oil – for consumer products and innovative natural product extracts for various applications in agriculture, fish farming, cosmetics and drug discovery. Solid olive mill pomace waste is generally discarded or burnt for low value heat and power generation and consists of the crushed olive stone (kernel), skin and flesh. Zembra has developed ultrasonic green bioprocessing technology to fractionate crude olive mill waste into a number of product streams:

  • Horticultural soil conditioners using the segregated olive mill pomace.
  • Zlogs- compressed olive kernel (crushed olive stone) for use as an ecofriendly biofuel
  • Zand - ground olive kernel (stone) for cosmetics including hand cleaning products
  • Zlug - a special blend of herbs for a slug barrier
  • Olive kernel - for sustainable construction materials
  • Proprietary extracts for agriculture and aquaculture using using CelbiusSonication Enhanced Extraction (SEE) technology

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